About the HEAL Blog

In 2009, after losing 75+ lbs, I began hosting The Procrastinator’s Guide to Healthy Eating and Lifestyle website, a place to share with friends and family my recent discoveries in healthy eating. Mainly consisting of article links and YouTube-ish videos promoting avoidance of certain food additives.

During my journey since, I discovered healthy living is much more than being active and avoiding certain additives. Delving further, I discovered this was striking just the tip of a proverbial iceberg. To my surprise, I found it’s a balanced, holistic lifestyle one strives to swim, against a rushing commercial and political rip-tide. A strong current, more concerned for Profit than well-being of the masses. But vigilance provides a way out of this current.

As a result, this blog will journal my findings and views on a complete holistic lifestyle. No bog-down mandates on tallying calories, fat content, etc.; but, plain and simple, a guide to healthy living.

Join me on my journey!  🙂


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